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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Adventures in Babysitting and Mixed Pics

This was last Friday night when my friends from work Molly C., her son Ashton, and Sunni M. kidnapped EGB and forced Jay and I to go on a date. After deliberating for maybe about 3 seconds we agreed to their terms and picked a new hamburger joint 30 seconds down the road in case the babysitters couldn't handle the thunder of EGB.

Dinner went like this:

"This is a nice place"...both nodding heads.
"Do you think they're ok?"....both nodding heads.
"Should we call them?....
"No they both have kids. EGB is probably in better hands now than with us."...
"You're right. Should we run away to Mexico?"
"Probably not. It's too hot in the summer."
"Do you think they're ok?"...both nodding heads
"Should we call them?"....
Dinner comes. Eat dinner really fast. Heartburn sets in.
"Do you think they're ok"...both nodding heads
"Should we call them?"....
It went in this cycle for another 30 minutes. We decided not to run away to Mexico and went home to find a wild party going on.

Thanks to the babysitters and they can come over whenever they want. By the way, we want to know if they're available for the entire month of December and January. We heard Florida is nice at that time of year......

Yeah. Babysitter Molly is crazy! I just need some warm milk...maybe a blanket. I'm not askin for much. None of this loud music is necessary. Hey you! Get off of my binkie! Moooooom...Daaaad...where are youuuuu!This picture is of importance because it was the last time that this binky was seen. In my previous post, I dedicated a moment of silence to lost we all must include this orange hospital grade baby silencer extraordinaire in our next moment of silence. RIP. I'd put up a reward, but I don't want to know the nasty places it's been. Be well old did well. Now EGB won't sleep without you. Hope you're having a blast wherever you are. Thanks. Thanks a ton. Thanks a lot you stupid binky! Now we've got to go to Babies R Not Us and try out one of the 50,000 binkies until she finds one that meets the terms of her contract. There goes the weekend. I hope you melt.EGB on our friend Meg's skirt. Or is it a rug? Meg wearing our rug? I've heard they wear rugs in Eastern Russia. Warm-yes. Comfortable-I wouldn't know. But I don't think Meg is Russian.
I'm just going to sleep in the "ready to be hugged" position just in case someone is ready to do some huggin. I'm ready for a hug.
Dang. Gotta take a bath in a sink? I thought I was Queen of this house. Shouldn't I get a jacuzzi or something? Well....wash my back, at least. I think I just peed. Ha.

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