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Sunday, July 20, 2008

We're Back From EGB's USA Tour

We made it. We smuggled breastmilk across this great land and showed the wild world what EGB is made of.

We figured out she's a performance artist. When out in public, she sleeps, coos, smiles, knits, cooks, cleans, and fights off robbers. When with mom and dad in private, she barks, growls, howls, spits, farts, burps, and demands 40 ounces of milk on the hour.

The good news--most of our traveling fears were unwarranted. But there are stories...soon coming.

The bad news--EGB broke some hearts on tour.

EGB Tour Stats:
Diapers destroyed: 345,021
Miles in the air: 16,342
Miles by stroller: 13
Hours of hard time done in the crib: 68
Total hours slept: 98
Weddings attended: 1
Minutes crying during wedding ceremony: 8
Minutes sleeping in closet at the wedding by the dance floor: 0
Kisses from old ladies: 793
Boys kissed: It better be 0

Yes, I made it. And have yet to catch any flesh-eating viruses from the airplane.
Dang. Now, I'm dog tired. Or I'm Popeye. Or, "Arrrrh! Gimme some milkshakes or I'll bite you with my gums."

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