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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Weekend Mixed Pics.

Showing off my new dress. Thanks Matt E. If only I could get some hair on my dome and then I'd look like real girl.

Just lounging. Watchin some sports. Maybe read a book. "Come my jungle friends, Calvin, Otis...gather around, I'll read a story"

"What? Oh...the googly-eyes? It's a party trick I learned in college." (And for those that have legitimate concerns about EGB's cross-eyed picture--the doctor says it's normal and it's because lil' ones can't focus too well. Ain't that the truth.)
Walking in the park with the new hand-knitted blanket from Jaden. Thanks J-Knitter!

Walks=naps=happiness=more walks.
Took a bath. Now I'm drooling.
Stopped drooling. Now I look like the Flying Nun.

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