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Monday, July 7, 2008

July 4th Throwdown

July 4th was an opportunity for us to test the waters in public. Anyone with a newborn knows the underlying fear that exists when leaving the house with a milk addict. "Will she cry like baboon in the checkout line?" Will the people around me think that I stole this baby from the parking lot? Will people think I've caused this baby to freak out based on some parenting memo that I somehow skipped my desk? Will I run out of diapers? Will someone with a flesh-eating virus or bird flu get near my baby?"

All fear aside. July 4th went off swell. EGB slept the whole time. So she really doesn't get the concept of a party yet. I'm sure in time she'll figure out how to get her party on and I'll be grounding her for eternity.

Bud blanket is how I roll on the 4th.

A little Cornhole game action under the shady tree at Wash Park. Thanks to my co-worker/friend Matt E's family for hosting us. Mr. E has a decent cornhole game for a Floridian.

Matt exhibiting textbook cornhole toss. Drink in one hand--toss extension with the other.

Dairy Queen in all her glory.

Where's EGB? Holding EGB and pretending to work the grill. Someone else was working the grill for a change...

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