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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Tummy Time Training

I know that all parents think their children are extra special. Which is code for, "My kid has somehow transcended the evolutionary timeline of the millions of years it takes to see noticeable changes in the human race and can perform Jedi mind tricks that no other child in the universe is capable of at 4 weeks of life." This reminds me of baby Lakshmi from India who was born with eight limbs and was worshipped as a deity by the whole village. True story--the article is here. Maybe 8 limbs is an evolutionary advantage. I guess it would be if you wanted to eat 8 hamburgers at once or if you were a strawberry picker.

Another example is EGB. No, she doesn't have any worship-worthy extra limbs, but the fact that The Dairy Queen swears that EGB could roll over at the age of one week and fears that she'll be able to hop out of the crib at 5 weeks--helps makes the point. By the time EGB is one, I'm sure we'll think that she'll be ready for a ninja apprenticeship (my hope) and be able to change her own diapers (both of our hopes).

But before we can reach such heights, we need to work on the basics. Tummy work. See EGB work it out below. I think she did a full rep of 10 push-ups. Tomorrow we're going to do some speed work on the track to build up her stamina. She'll be coming at you like a spider monkey in no time.

Ah, Push-it! The Hulk ain't got nothin on me.

I'm pooped. No, wait...I pooped. Diaper!

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