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Saturday, July 5, 2008

Otis The Cat's New Demands.

There's a crisis on the home front. The activity center which has provided EGB with numerous hours of entertainment has been held hostage by our once friendly cat, Otis. Through an interpreter (we don't speak cat) it has been made clear that certain demands are to be met or the activity center may end up in a lake with cement toys attached.

The Demands:

- EGB, the baby, goes. (Not happening)
- Calvin, the dog, goes. (Not happening either)
- Raw fish nightly. (Nope)
- Warm milk each meal. (Nein, all milked out from EGB)
- Plastic surgery to fix his snaggle-tooth. (Again, nada)

Then I realized that I'm the superior being and this feline should be no match for me. I mustered up the courage, slowly crept towards the activity center, tossed the interpreter, and carefully lifted the dangerous kitty from the mat. Crisis averted! No need to call in the Feds. I'm a hero to EGB.
"I ain't movin'. I'm holdin this turtle and boppy hostage."

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