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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Rocky Bal-Bohrman Goes To Atlanta

EGB and The Dairy Queen went Atlanta to meet great-grandma Verla! EGB got her robe on and ready to protect great-grandma from any ninjas or giants. Mission accomplished.

We're coming up on 4 months in the wild world of EGB. Life has changed dramatically. Jay and I had our 2nd anniversary which was really like a discussion regarding who turn it was to change a diaper. Let's just say that our own milestones are secondary to EGB and her triumphs. We're better people for this priority shift.....but, if anyone wants to come out and babysit so we can party like it's 1999, we're game. Come. Please come. Help!!!!!

The Eye of The Tiger! Who wants some of this?!? Huh? You?!? No? That's what I thought. Now leave me alone...unless, I'm crying and then you gotta get me some diapers and milk.
Grandma! You messin up my pre-fight routine. I can't look soft with you cuddling me..put me back in the lion's den.
I'm down! Count to 10. I'm out! 3 cold milks please.
Great Grandma Verla loves me. I love her too! She told me stories about when milk was free and diapers grew on trees. Wow.
The stalwarts of the female industry here!.....4 Generations deep...

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