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Monday, July 21, 2008

The Diva

I don't know what got into this child on our trip to DC. Maybe it was the White House. Maybe it was her concerns about the illegal US occupation in Iraq. Maybe it was milk water. Maybe it was the article she read about J-Lo. EGB got her diva-ness and protest on in DC.

I only roll with my Gucci cherry frame shades on when I'm travelling. Pink polyester wraps are hot.

I wear my sunglasses in my hotel room to keep the paparazzi out. I put my hotel room under my alias EG-Z. It's worked so far. I don't think they're on to me.
You know how I do it. Got to keep that milk fresh on ice. Milk on the rocks served warm. Stirred not shaken. Babies don't shake.

I demand a Queen sized bed fit for a Queen. Queen of the little people. Champion of the people--EGB for Queen!
Figured I'm in DC. Gonna do some protesting. Raise some hell at the White House! Free Suri Cruise from Scientology! Bring the milk tax down! Keep daycare weird! Bush ain't my President! Fight the Power! Run here come the cops!!!!!
Dang, they got me. Now I'm all locked up in this aluminum cell doing some hard time. Guard! Can I get a phone call?

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