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Friday, August 1, 2008

Miscellaneous Blog Info.

Heyyyyyyyyyyyyy! I just woke up. Now I 'm ready to par-tay. Pop some of that organic milk.
In case you are wondering how to get to the older blog posts. Just go the the title of the most recent blog posting and look for "older post". If you click on that you'll get to see the older posts. Or in the right hand column of the screen you can click on previous months to see the archived posts.

By the way, on Monday night we met with the The Mighty Barrett Family Who Used to Live in Colorado, But Now Live in Texas as they came through Colorado on their summer vacation. As luck would have it we forgot our camera and their camera battery had died and they forgot to bring the charger. So the two blogging empires met without producing any pictorial data. Bad bloggers. Anyway, it was great to see them and we hope to convince them to move back to Colorado so we can run around in the mountains together like the days of old.

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