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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Sleds, Turkey, Fire, and Betty

My last post was about writing and how I must do it.  Then I disappear for 2 weeks.  I like my style.  I've got lots to share so I'm going to efficiently go down the list, get you what you need, and go home.

Check this out.  I told you I'd share the Thanksgiving sledding adventures with you.  So here.  Brace yourselves.  This video is like being at Disney World without all the electric scooters and fanny packs.  Listening to the EGB giggle is infectious.  I'm giggling.  I can't stop.  (video on blog)

Action photo.  Going to be on the cover of "Sledding Today".  Hmmmm.  Maybe on to something with this whole magazine devoted to the lifestyle and time of sledding.  Any angel investors out there?

Ok.  Now that I can check Thanksgiving off the list--actually, I better add this on as it has become a tradition of sorts.  Some families tell stories around the fire.  Others get together with cousins and play football.  Some make cookies and hang out it pajamas.  We keep it real.

We baste ourselves and stay moist. EGB circa 2008.
The tradition continues.  By the way, it's going to be so weird when she's 16 and we try to stuff her in the same pan. I guess we'll have to try to keep her little or grease her jeans.

Ok. Now Thanksgiving is done.  Moving on to Hanukkah.  We couldn't find our menorah.  So we did what people did thousands of years ago.  Grabbed some wood, got a drill, went to the shed and made one.
 Fire.  Set your bear on fire. Set your hair on fire.  It's Hanukah.  For the record, Hebrew sounds extra funny when a 2-year-old gets going.  EGB picked it up quick. She's borderline rabbi with a dash of Speedy Gonzalez and a sprinkle of small zoo animal.
Then I said I'd share the Golden parade with you.  It's pretty small and basically a bunch of people with those santa/elf hats walking down the street throwing candy canes at you and your children (you know what hats I mean-the red fuzzy ones that old people think are really funny to wear when shopping at the mall during the holidays. What are they called anyway?  On that note I saw a guy at the gas station on my way to work yesterday pumping gas with a baseball hat on with large reindeer antlers. A grown man with antlers.  Really? )

Waiting for some candy.
 This parade makes me want to party.
Or at least ride in a buggy pulled by a dog.  Go you slow dog!  Let's go to the drive-through and crush burgers.
There's more.  Family visits and other general pirate style events, but you'll have to wait.  We're busy.  It's roadtrip time.  The big sky of Montana is calling.  Updates will trickle in upon our return.  Until then I've got a riddle for you.

What do you get when you cross an 80s Madonna......
.....With an old Betty Davis?
The Great EGB of course!  A beacon of style and class from an era of the past.  She's our little trendsetter...

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speck said...

What a delightful post. Scrumptious down to the last crumb. I want to tag along on every adventure or at least one in the very near future...

Please tell the EGB i say whatUP, and to keep keepin' it real... Love you guys. happy holidays!


papadangerous said...

Cuzin Speckle-

You know what's up fo' sho'. I'm stuck out here in the sticks with these lame captors. Free me and take me to your big city so I can mingle with folks who know the style.

Hit me up on my cell.


Alexandru said...

Funny Kids :) Merry Christmas !