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Friday, June 10, 2011

What What?

Yeah, I know.  This time last year the same thing happened.  The blog nearly shriveled up and got sucked into the internet. 

Maybe it's the's just too fun.  The funnest.  Fun. Funner. Funnery. Funafun fun fun.  I don't know what the hell that means, but I'm busy having fun dammit.  And so is the legendary EGB.  Have no fear, I'll be back with a vengeance. Yes, I plan to take revenge on my no-blogging self and blog.  Yes, it's going to be ugly.

I've got spring skiing, birthday parties, dance recitals, songs, camping, weaponry, augmented reality, invisibility cloaks, a chocolate milk to share with you. 

The EGB is 3 and I've got some things to say.  Not today. But like a dog on a road trip, I'll go when I get out of the car.....

Until then--Happy Friday you alley cats.  I hope you find an alley to chill in.

Stay sweet.  Wear a dress and shorts--you never know when some fool is going to try to creep up on you and take your milk and you may have to get your run on to chase him down the street.  Shorts are good for that.  Then when you're done chasing that fool and drinking your milk again, you look real pretty in your dress.  And dresses are good for that.
School is stressful so I'm going to relax in the hills. Maybe get yourself a hike too.  I go to the mountains to think about peaceful things like unicorns and princesses.  And sometimes mermaids, but they don't live in the mountains. 
I picked a flower for you.  Yes, you the only person reading my win a flower.  Now get outta here and do some weekend action.