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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Baby upset. Baby Not Upset. Here's How It Happens.

This is the way it went down. Order of events as follows:

First, put EGB in what is called "The Extravagant Love Swing". After further review, there is nothing "extravagant" about this half-toga contraption that would be better suited for a frat party circa 1989. Nor, does EGB come close to being in "love" with this towel wrapper as you can see from the picture. However, I felt very earthy and very connected to my ancestors in Papua New Guinea.

After being freed from "love sling" captivity, EGB sits stunned and follows the directions on her shirt. A call to grandma is in order. "Someone take me to a payphone and get me some ice cream too."
Call is done. Blizzards from the Dairy Queen are had. All smiles. All is well in the EGB kingdom........for at least 30 seconds.

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