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Friday, February 22, 2013

It's Friday. It's ROI day.

Just been hunkering down at Family ROI Training Camp.

ROI does not stand for "Rock On Islands". Nope, ROI for those not in the in the know stands for "Return On Investment".

There's been no island rocking around here. In fact, it's been more like get-poopie-on-your-hands-and-gouge-your-eyes-with-dull-pencils. Then maybe...just maybe, for a little extra wild excitement,  get an escape to the grocery store to get milk, drink an airline liquor bottle on the way, and aggressively tackle the sample hand out lady.

You see, the plan is to invest in your kids so that you CAN rock on an island. I'm getting close.

Actually, screw it, I'm close enough.

We're leaving for Mexico in 15 minutes.

EGB don't stay up too late and make sure you give Baby B some milk.  See you in a couple of days or weeks.

Call the neighbors if you need a ride to school.

Now get back to work.