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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Hotlanta Trippin'

Apparently there are limited places that EGB can sleep--crib, pack n' play, and car seat. Unfortunately, for parents (us) and those in the rows ahead and behind of us, the airplane is NOT one of these magical places. But fortunately for parents (us) she is exceptionally cute and surprisingly polite for having skipped her beauty naps in her travels. She passed a little gas (blamed it on the guy behind us) and threw a few Cheerios, but other than that she smiled at all that would glance at her. Quite the performance artist....cry when no one was looking, smile when they were. It's a wicked game.

Speaking of Cheerios. Apparently there is some sort of baby stimulant that is present in the little oatey wheels. As long as the Cheerios were flowing--The EGB was glowing. I had Cheerios in every pocket ready to go at all times. She must have eaten at least 6 adult servings on each flight. Which means she was very full of fiber and regular as could be.

We were happy to be in ATL to celebrate some birthdays, meet a cousin/niece, and visit with all the generations....

This is your cousin, Logan. Meet and greet her. Sniff her breath. Teach her the ways of a 9 month old warrior.

Ummmm, yeah. Breath is good. Must be genetics. Ah. Um. Well. Not much more to talk about. Nice to meet ya. I like your jacket. Do you like your mom and dad. Mine are kind of embarrasing.

Ok lil' cuz, it's time for me to school you in some things. Mug it up for the camera. Drool a lot. You can get away with a ton of stuff because you're cute. Push it. To the limit. It's fun to watch your goofy parents guess what's going on. It's a game. Haaaa haaaa haaaa.

This is what our family would look like if we kidnapped Logan and adopted her as one of the monkeys in our tribe. I tried to keep her, but mom and dad made me give her back. Come visit cuz. Or at least email me. Page me?

This is me on my best behaviour at the restaurant. Guess what I had to eat? Cheerios and peas! They were just as good as the day before, and before, and before, and before. Dang, I need some variety.

Dang, cuz, we got locked up in the crib together. Do you want to sit up and then run away to Hardees for a ham biscuit? You do? Sweet. Let's roll.

Wait a sec, says Logan, I don't know how to sit up and I really don't know what ham or biscuits are. I just said yes to be cool. It's cool to like ham biscuits, right?

Oh, yeah, says EGB, ham biscuits are like formula shakes times a quatrillion. Ok here's the plan. You start crying, one of these silly grown-ups will come over, I'll steal the keys....and then we'll bounce to Hardeeeeeeeees. Got it?

Dude you ruined it! You weren't supposed to doo doo. Now the plan is messed up. All right, all right, it's OK you're only 3 months old. When you're my age you'll totally get it and we'll be crushing ham biscuits in no time. And cuz, it's very important that you pretend to like it when old people read you books. They totally eat it up. I just like to lick the pages.

Oui, oui Pierre. I'll have some San Pellegrino with milk....on the floor, of course.

This vacation is awesome. New floors to scoot on are the best.

This is me and cuzin Lulu on this monster stuffed animal at our great grandmas place. I'm teaching cuz how to be a friend to the animals. By the way, Logan, I'm totally pumped that you don't have any hair either. I'd have to get a wig if my little cuzin had more hair than me.

Hangin' with the multi-generations of ladies, cousins, aunts, mamas, and all. Thanks. I had a great trip. I'd do it again tomorrow if my parents would let me.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Gone Swimmin'

Apparently we're supposed to teach babies how to swim before they can walk.  This makes sense if you are a seal.....or EGB who has plans to rescue underwater sea creatures and keep them in her crib.

We had our first "lesson" the other day.  I guess it was a lesson.  The instructor said, "everybody kick."  EGB just stared at the water.  We sang some songs.  Did some swimming on her back.  Did some time trials.  Hit the showers and called it a day.

It was a blast.  Truly one of the most fun things I/we've done in a long time.  EGB will be crossing the Atlantic in no time.

Here is what happened in picture and video....
My own private island.  Pool boy!!! Pina Colada please.
Heyyyyyyyyyyy youuuuu guyyys!!!
I'm like a moderately advanced frog.
What?! Was that a shark?  I'm out.  By the way, why is that giant frog licking my bald head?
I just peed.

This video tells you everything about me. I've got no fear and will fight you if necessary.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Sledding Is Real Fun

We got some hot videos for ya here.  EGB's first wild ride down the hill on tape.  Then see what happens when parents are given 30 minutes, a hill, and a sled....

When babies sled-

When babies nap and parents sled-

Monday, March 9, 2009


We did it.

Family vacation with 8 month old was a success. Which basically means there were no trips to the hospital, mental ward, or Babies R Us.  This not to say there weren't any hiccups. On the way into town, EGB had a breakdown of epic proportions. Possibly because she was strapped into her car seat like a mental patient for 3 hours. Given the circumstances, I'd likely pee in my diaper and throw a fit as well. So we stopped on top of the pass in the snow at approximately 10,000 feet above sea level to administer the patient her nightly ration of milk. That calmed the scene down for the remaining 30 minutes until we got to the cabin.

The rest of the weekend went like this--sleep, eat, hot tub, drink, eat, sleep, eat, hot tub, drink, sled.  The last one, sledding, was quite the highlight of the weekend.  After driving around town looking for a sledding hill which didn't entail getting shot at by a farmer or climbing Mt. Everest, we found a moderate hill behind a warehouse.  This hill took 50 runs before the snow was packed enough to go 1/2 a mile an hour.  By that time it was nap time.  We headed back to the cabin....lo and behold the best sledding hill in Steamboat turned out to be our driveway. We took the EGB for a few runs and then put her down for her nap.  That's when all the crazy broke out--adult sledding.  World peace could easily be accomplished by act of sledding.  It's that much fun.  US, the Iranians, N. Koreans (and anyone else we tend not to play nice with) should get together at this Steamboat driveway for some hot sleddin'.  Maybe a couple of playful pushes to get some speed.  Crash.  Laugh.  Maybe a little hot chocolate...roast a goat, whatever. I'm telling you, the world would be a better place.

Sledding smiles.  Family peace.  World peace.  Peas?  Did somebody say peas? Feed me.
EGB has a custom sled which allows her do 360s and roll while strapped in like an astronaut.  
Sledding is fun.  Mama is purrty.  What did you do with my hands?
Faster!  I said faaaaaaster!!!!  You didn't put me in this space suit for nothin'!
Whatchu lookin at?  I spit peas in your eye.
Family shot.....before I pushed Mama and Dada over the railing and sledded to the bar for hot milk shots.
...but Calvin stopped me as I tried to fly to town.  Dumb doggie.
This is my new winter outfit.  I think I saw Mariah Carey wearing this in Aspen.  She's totally copying my style.  I know I wear it better girl.
Just thinking about really deep things and then forgetting them.

Vacation is fun.  I mean life is fun.  It's all fun.  Where am I? crazy!  This yarmulka is in my eyes!!
Dog tired.  Good boy.  Homeward bound.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Swinging on Video

Due to an outpouring of requests for videos of EGBs first swingtime, I've produced the following movie.

It's action packed. Think Men In Black meets E.T.....