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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Bum Mee Tee Towel Video

It's bathtime video time. It's the EGB and her Bumblebee towel show. Bum mee mee. Bum mee tee. Watch out Bum mee mees are dangerous and so is EGB if you take her cheese. She'll throw her cellphone at you.

If you get the updates via email you'll have to go directly to the blog to get the live action. Click below.

Introducing "blah blah blah blah"

I told you those Bum mee tees are wicked dangerous.

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Monet Breaux said...

I cant wait to see her in person!! She is absolutely priceless!!!

papadangerous said...

Oh she's not priceless. She's got a price. She put herself on Craigslist last night for 21 million dollars (one million per month of life). I told her I'd split it with her....don't tell mama.

She can't wait to meet her gangsta cajun aunt either!

dave and gange