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Friday, October 26, 2012

Dogs, Babies, Smurfs and Cheap Beer

Recipe for a real good party.

I figure since I don't have time to write, videos serve a better purpose.  Videographic-high-sugar-caloric-memory-punch-in-the-head is the way I'm transmitting to you.  Sock it to you.

It's hard to think that a summer has come and gone.  EGB hit 4.  BB hit 1.  I hit old.  Dog hit biblical age.

I feel the urge to write, but weighty thoughts take time.  Time is a funny thing these days.  Remember calling cards?  Yeah, the plastic cards with 500 digits on them...For those in my reading audience that are calling their families in Sri Lanka, you still use them.  Y'all are retro cool like that.  The others of you in prison that still use them, get off my blog and do some pushups.  All others that have moved into the 21st century, this is what I'm talking about--calling cards and time.  Remember when you'd use the card on your buddy's landline to call your girl and have lots to say but no minutes left?  Get that 'beep beep' and you know it's all about to end....that's my life now.

I have a box of 2 minute calling cards with a mouthful of 30 minute conversations. Recipe for unbaked cake.

I'm working on a time app.  Download it.  You'll get more time to talk, write, reflect, and just do you.  However, I'm having a coding hiccup on the part where you can turn kid's farts into vacations in the Caribbean.

Until then.  Chew on this video.  Baby B and Orange C-Furry paid top dollar for the show.  It was a real quality performance full of modern dance, stuffed animals, and gangsta beats.

Yup.  It's a chunky smurf, fuzzy baby, and an orange dog drinking spiked punch and partying into the wee  hours of the morning.  I was sleeping, but good thing I have a teddy bear cam and captured the whole thing.

They figured they got away with it. At first I was mad.  Then we all laughed about it.  Then a Rice Crispy and milk shot out of EGB's nose.  We laughed even harder until Baby B pooped on his leg.  Then I stopped laughing.  Party over.

Friday, October 19, 2012

What's REALLY Goin On?

I ain't sayin' where I've been hiding....

Save us.

Ever heard a bird choke on a pork knuckle?  You're about to.

Welcome to the asylum......