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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I Locked My Parents In The Shed and Took Over The Blog

Hi. I'm the EGB. I've taken over the computer, obtained the password to my blog, and locked my parents in the shed. So it's just me and my brother Calvin...and that ratty cat Otis. I don't really have much planned as I have to be down for a nap in a hour and I'm not really good at online shopping yet. I've been looking for the milkshake machine for 15 minutes and trying to break into the liquor cabinet to spike the no avail.

Here is me and Calvin. 2 dogs just hangin out. May watch some Animal Planet and share a bowl of raw beef.

This is our gangster shot. Don't mess with us. We're from the old country.

Doing some yoga and relaxing. Looking for something to destroy.

Hanging out on Calvin's bed....I may have to nap out here since I can't get into my crib.
Getting a little sleepy. May start a fire to snuggle with Calvin.Ohhhh snap. Found out where they keep the presents.
I'm just gonna open one....they'll never know.

I'm getting lonely. Where are you guys?!?!
Dang... I just doodied! I better get my parents out of the shed to change my diaper....That was fun while it lasted. I need a nap.

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