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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

EGB's Thanksgiving Day Itinerary

Like most 6 month olds on their 1st Thanksgiving, EGB had big plans for the day. Upon her awakening she demanded milk. Then a nap. Then milk. Then a nap. Then milk. Then bed for the night. As you can see this was an exceptional day.

Considering EGB requires 22 hours of sleep, 2 hours of milk feeding, 3 hours of toy playing, 1 hour of book reading, and 3 hours of staring at inanimate objects which totals 64 hours of EGB attention every day.....we accomplished quite a bit.

Goood Morrrning Crrrrib! Where am I?

Hey wait.....don't close the door on me.
Um. Papa? I have a question. Do you think it would be possible to warm my pears up to an agreeable 72 degrees? This vastly helps my digestion and would be greatly appreciated. And after the snack, may we go for a jaunt in the woods so I can say hi to the animals? When we get back, I'd like to discuss alternatives to the Automotive bailout.
Ok. If you're gonna cook a turkey in this pan, I need to put a kosher baby blessing on it. Put me in the pan. Swirl some Manischewitz around me. Put my purple yarmulke on......consider it blessed by the great EGB-ski.
Heyyyyy. How come there's no onions up in here?That's better. Now get me out of this pan and put a bird in it.
Let me taste that gravy to make sure it's suited to my expectations.....hmm, tastes like rice and bananas. Perfect.

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