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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Weekend Playground Romp

Over the weekend we ended up at a playground with our friends, Ry-Ry, She-ra, A-Ry-Ry, and Mozzar-Ell (fake names are used to protect the identity of our friends who are embarrassed by us). Monumental event--first playground of many for the extra playful EGB. The highlights were the pebbles that EGB picked up and put back down. Whew, life is tough for a 6-month old.

I managed to eat a sub in 30 seconds on a park bench. This may not seem like much of a feat to you, but I've been noticing the speed at which I eat since EGB was born has been cranked into overdrive. It's this feeling of, "If I don't stuff my face as fast as possible there is a possibility that the little fuzzy ninja will turn on us like the Exorcist and I'll starve the rest of the day or Calvin will somehow sabotage my sandwich with his elastic mouth." Maybe I'll get some counseling.....or Tums.

Anyway, we hit a couple of slides, a tire swing, and walked the wobbly bridge. EGB seemed thoroughly entertained which isn't saying much as she'd be entertained by a hairball on the floor. The day was a success until kids got cranky and the party was over.

Baby likes to rock-it.

Oooh. Papa, I can see the beach...can we go?

Apparently, it's impossible to take group pictures with children without some type of magic potion.
Let's do the slide again and again and again and again.
Bonus shots--EGB in the pen.
These are my cellmates. Rosco the bear--he's in for aggravated diaper rash. And Wally the octopus--he's doing life for assault with a rubber nipple.

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