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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Christmas Sweaters and Training Cups

Thinking I'd get to the point today with it being 2009 and all. This is they year of getting to the point. No time to waste!!

This entry will be about the new Christmas sweater....which is basically Bill Cosby ....Meets ....umm....The female Richard Simmons...
It's the EGB in a Christmas sweater from Grandma!

No that's not a turtleneck...It's my double chin. I may have no hair, but chins?---I got extra.
Training cup. For babies in training. It's an olympic event.
I'm holding my cup! Gotta figure out how to get the liquid gold out of it.

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ellen said...

Love that sweater... and the sleeper. Where do you get all those designer clothes? Oh yeah, and tell Jay she looks gorgeous as ever. Miss you guys!