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Monday, December 8, 2008

Extra, Extra!!! Introducing The Newest Legend

Woooo Weee!

Welcome to wild world, Logan Lane Kline. Coming at you straight from the Capital of The Free World--the land where attorneys, politicians, crackhead mayors, and half-smokes reign aka Washington D.C. Apparently, Logan Lane was ready to get the party started early so she popped out in advance of her due date. Her first words were, "Due dates are for suckas. Me? I'm ready to work it out. What's up mom and dad? Let's go to the White House...." And that was pretty much it for her first day.

The Colorado Diaper Posse and all its nationwide affiliates congratulate sister/brother in-law Allie and Andrew on their addition to the clan. Word on the street is that D.C. real estate values have gone up directly in response to Logan's arrival in The Capital City.....people have been seen crying upon the sight of the glorious Logan Lane.

And Logan, you are officially our favorite niece. You made a wise selection to have Allie and Andrew as your folks. Your momma can cook Julia Child under the table and your poppa is on a mission to ensure that every restaurant in the country is in compliance with health code regulations. Match made in heaven...on earth.

EGB say--"Welcome cuz Wogan. Since I've been on terra firma for approximately 6 months I have tons of worldly advice to pass along to a youngblood like you. Life is too short to scream when you're hungry. Please note this is contrary to the advice I gave my other cuz Isaac when he was born, but I was only 3 months then and not nearly as super smart as I am now. So don't scream when you're hungry...scream when you're happy. This way you'll confuse the doodie out of your parents. It's funny. Mess with them as much as possible, then get on your blackberry and page me. When you get older, I'll show you how to surf the net and eat your socks."

I'm Logan....dang, being birthed was tiring. Here's me dreaming of hot milk and designer pocketbooks.
The following pics are for the die-hard EGB blog readers that want to know what truly goes into capturing that "I'm going on the blog picture-perfect shot". As you can see it takes a ton of work, set design, lighting changes, EGB controlling.....tough life we have, but we do it for you. Here are the outtakes.
Let me get that sign. I wanna put it in my mouth.
Notice the "bite" marks by the EGB section of the sign. Sheesh, she's such a diva during these photo shoots. She almost threatened to go to her trailer if we didn't let her gnaw on the sign. Apparently, putting things in her mouth is a sign of approval in baby language....which means she approves of everything. She's quite open minded for a youngster.

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