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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The High Chair Photo Shoot

The oh-so photogenic EGB said, "Papa grab the camera, I'm gonna show you how to work it." Since I'm used to taking direct orders from a 6-month-old I swiftly grabbed the camera and shot away. EGB wanted to show off her eating skills and ability to hold a toy with both hands.

As expected, the introduction of solid foods has created a new set of experiences/issues/variables when changing diapers. There are a new set of "surprises" in the basket. In efforts to be respectful of my conservative reading audience that wants nothing more than to NOT read about EGB's happenings on the changing table, I'll only say this--EGB works very hard for a very small result. Basically she's emulating the rabbit kingdom. I suppose that's better than the bear kingdom.....

Watch me put all the food in my mouth. What is this? Did you get this from Whole Foods?!? I only do gourmet.

Yeah. Who wants some of this? I'll spit carrot juice in your ear.
Sweet potatoes taste sweeter if I spit them.Hey Papa. No more pictures. Dang, paparazzi making my eyes hurt.
Hee hee. They THINK I ate my food, but I stuffed them in my cheeks and plan to feed the dog later.
Da da da da da.
This psychedelic vibrating strawberry is wild. Reminds me of the 60s in San Fran....far out man.

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