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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

EGB Gone Wild

We took the little milk monster for her first real hike to celebrate her 9th week birthday. Wow, 9 weeks and 6 pounds later....EGB has now almost doubled her birth weight. If I doubled my weight in 9 weeks I would probably try to run through a wall like, "KOOL AID!!!!!!", but EGB is stoked to be a nice plump baby in the 80th percentile of all other babies her age. I guess that's like a Silver Medal in newborn Olympics. Which might get her a minor cereal box cover. Not Wheaties or anything, but maybe some off-brand Coco Bumpers or something.

Get EGB strapped into the front-pack and ready to stare at mommy for a while.

Allright, everyone hold hands. If any mountain lions charge us flash your teeth. Oh wait, you don't have any teeth. Just camel-squirt some milk in the eyes. I've been reading a lot of Thoreau lately and I've been wondering if you will teach me how to write so I can put together a manifesto on conservation techniques for 9 week olds.

Shhhh. I broke out of the front-pack and now I'm hiding in some flowers. Dang, I'm rollin over! I don't know how to roll baaaaack! My hat is falling off! My sweats are riding up my diaper!!!!
I'm getting sleepy. They haven't found me yet. I wonder if these flowers have milk in 'em? Is there a Dairy Queen out here?
They found me! I ain't leavin! I'm gonna grip these flowers.
Mommy told me not to pick the flowers, but I wanted to give them to her. I better read up on my backcountry ethics books. Leave no trace....unless you're 9 weeks old and you've got a dirty diaper--anything goes when you're this cute.
Naptime in the woods. Wake me up before the bears get here.........sweet dreams lil' baby wonderful.

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Anonymous said...

she clearly loves you... so sweet... (seriously)... miss you guys... ellie is precious.