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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

EGB is 11 Weeks Old and Ready To Party

EGB turned 11 weeks on this past Saturday. Time really does fly. Now she's starting to look like a real human. A small one. She's starting to try to roll over which for some reason looks extremely challenging and painful. So I got on the floor and attempted to demonstrate to her how it's done. Not only did I feel funny, I'm sure I looked like I had just eaten 12 bowls of chili and ended up getting tackled by the dog. This week we're going to work on pushups and form for rolling techniques. We gotta be ready for London in '12.

By the way, since sleep seems to be the topic whenever anyone asks about Ellie, she slept 8 hours on Saturday night. The only problem was that we went to bed at 1 so the parents only slept 5 hours. We're trying to work our schedules in EGB's contract, but she's holding out.

What? I'm just doing a little light reading before bed. So what if I can't read. I'm pretending.

So you think by parting this so-called hair of mine makes me look more feminine? How about getting a girl some accessories. I saw this baby in the grocery store with some bling-bling earrings. I want some hoops.

My eyes are taped open. I need someone to remove the tape so I can sleep.
oh I'm ticklish. hee hee.
Little milk gnome conspiring which mushroom to hang out under.
Move over Scarlett O'Hara....I'm gone with the wind! Wait. I broke wind. Rhett, change my diaper!
Ha. Getting my diaper changed is like totally the funniest thing.
All smiles because this book is funny. It's this hilarious tale of a girl in a red cape whose grandma gets eaten by a wolf and then a hunter cuts the wolf open and grandma pops out. (Jeez, I never realized the violence and gore in those old fairy tales)

This is Calvin my royal servant. He's like a furry butler who doesn't understand anything.
Ok, dog you work for me now. Clean in between my toes.

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