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Saturday, August 23, 2008

EGB Is The Gerber Baby

Yup. That happy, healthy face recognized all over the interplanetary galactic system--EGB. We've gotten several comments that the great EGB resembles the Gerber Baby. I guess I see it. Gerber Baby--cute. EGB--cute. Gerber baby--happy. EGB--happy. Gerber Baby--a drawing. EGB--human.

I'm not sure if there is a way to capitalize on this likeness? Maybe we can start our own line of baby food. "Eat EGB because it's taste-eee".....Or maybe we could enter one of those baby picture contest where no one wins and you begin to get truckloads of junkmail about some civil war commemorative plates and stamps with your dog's picture on them. Or maybe we can just go in the grocery store and take Gerber food for free.

"Excuse me, Sir. Where are you going with all that baby food that you didn't pay for?"

"That's my kid on the bottle. She's the Gerber Baby. I'm the Gerber Daddy. We're the Gerber family. That's our food. See, look at the baby in the car seat."

"Wow, that is the Gerber baby! Will she sign this bottle of mashed peas?"

"She can't write yet, but when she can I'll bring her in for some autographs."

"Great! Have a nice day, sir. Sorry to bother you."

The following pictures are from a meeting with Aunt Allie in Denver. She was here for a marketing event and the photographer had some down time to photograph the world's most recognized baby. The EGB. Soon to be on food bottles near you.

See. It's the Gerber baby.
Whoo. Whoo. Ha. Ha. I'm a baby gorilla. Seen Jane Goodall? She's been chasing me with that camera for years.

Work the camera girl. Tyra Banks is going down. Suri you're next.
I know she's our kid...but, she's got to be in the 1200% percentile for cuteness. Those eyes say, "I'm dangerous. I'm gonna slap you with a wallop of cute."
Aunt Allie, Dairy Queen, and cousin to be hammin it up for the camera.
How's my breath?

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