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Thursday, August 21, 2008

By A Council Vote...More Happy Days.

We got together as a family council and decided that based on popularity and sublime cuteness we've got to bring Happy Days a reunion tour. By the way, Ron Howard--you're not foolin anyone under that hat. It looks like a roll-on deodorant under there. Sorry, for the insult. You're a good director and I'm sure I'll be bald someday. But I'm gonna embrace it. That is what we've been teaching EGB. "Embrace your baldness....Who cares if all the old ladies in the grocery store think you're a boy. You're a bald baby girl. Rock it. Be it. Shout it out. I'M A BALD BABY GIRRRRRRRLLLL!!!!!"

I'm a bald baby girl!!!! With socks that look like shoes. Gotcha. You thought I had shoes on. But noooooo they're socks. Shoe-Socks. Shocks.

Dang. I got hit with a binky blowdart in my neck. Who did that? Was it that baby down the street? She's a thug.
Yo folks, this whole blue towel thing isn't really helping the boy-girl confusion in the world. If one more old lady says, "Oh, what a cute boy" I'm gonna bust out some nunchucks and start swingin.
What is this on my head? A Shower cap? I dont even know how to take a shower.
Whatchu lookin at? I will stare at you for a really long time and not blink. It's my party trick.
This is my crib. It's big for a crib, but it's not MTV big. Now you gots to go, I'm nappin.
Ha! Told you she was a milk wizard. Just walked in the room and she was all dressed up ready to do some wizardry acts on the world like Harry Potter before he got big. Then I turned around and she just vaporized my brain. When I turned around again she was back in her onesie. Be afraid. EGB is coming to melt you.

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