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Friday, August 15, 2008

Mixed Mountain Pics.

This could be one of my favorite pictures of EGB's life. That's the best part about having a 9 week old baby. When statements are made by an adult like, "This is the best pizza I've ever had in my life." It's questionable if they truly remember each time they had pizza and if it's truly the best. We all know there are many of slices that get devoured after 2AM that may be forgotten as a result of cold barley malt beverages.

For instance, EGB DID have the nastiest diaper of her life the other day. Truth. Diaper weighed 17 pounds. Which is crazy because she only weighed 12. Think about that.

This picture is maybe the first time that I've gotten confirmation (which is basically a smile) that my daughter likes me. No joke. For the past 8 weeks, I knew she needed me (insert wife here). More importantly, she needed the Dairy Queen for survival. But in this picture I truly get the sense that she digs me. She fits perfectly in the bend of my arm and is smiling in my presence. That is a true gift. Thanks Lil' Tender've made my life. Plus the mountain backdrop makes for good scenery.

Uhhhh. Straight Flexin'. Going for the Gold in weightlifting. I told you she's solid muscle.
Goofy mom. Goofy kid. Doing goofy things.
Ahh...I'm gonna soak up the mountain air. Wait that ain't mountain air that's diaper cream. Where's my butler to change me?
The family in front of a poster of a lake with a sailboat on it.

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