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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Happy Days Are Here Again

Ain't nothin like the Fonz and his happy gang to happy up EGB. I was getting worried. Thought maybe she was going through a rough patch in her life. Maybe she wasn't sure what pre-pre-school she is going to get into. Maybe she was sad about having no hair and no teeth. Maybe she was sad that she didn't get tickets to see Obama. Or maybe she just needed some warm milk. It's over. Happy Days Are Back. Smiles are in session.
All smiles. Got a fresh diaper. Should be good for 5 minutes or so. Sing that song again.

You know what's soooo funny? That you dressed me in a psychedelic luge outfit and it's the SUMMER olympics, not the winter. Whooo Haaaa.
Still NOOOO hair! Hot damn that's funny.
Droolin. Now that's real funny.
Tummy time training. Getting ready to spit up. Soooo funny.
hee hee.

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Heather Mac said...

Papa D,
You're killing me with EGB's cuteness. I can't even stand it...