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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Best Thing In The Morning

..Is seeing baby EGB wake up. It's like she's been captured by wild monkeys and released to her parents after 15 years of captivity. It's that look of, "Who are you?" mixed with, "Dang, I'm happy to not be with those wild monkeys anymore." Also, a side benefit is that babies don't have the morning breath associated with adults. However, we may be subject to dirty diaper stink which is associated with some adults, but luckily not in my household.

By the way, I realized in taking these pictures that I was inadvertently compiling a list of "You know you're a first time parent if....."

--You've ever been late for work because you decided to set up a professional photo shoot in the nursery at 6AM.

--You have hand sanitizer in every room and in all 4 pant pockets

--You've ever found yourself researching obscure African flesh-eating viruses after noticing that your baby has a rash.

--You think someone stole your baby out of the crib to find that you put her 3 feet over on the changing table.

--You'd fight a small Siberian army to get 6 more minutes of sleep.

--You spend hours staring at your spouse wondering if they somehow have any idea why your child is crying.

--You could be sponsored by a nightlight company.

--You forgot what happened 15 minutes ago.

Here I am in all my morning glory. Freed from those wild monkeys. Wait, Daddy looks like a wild monkey too.

You gonna do my hair before this photo shoot?
Oh no. Daddy better pick me up before I start crying and wake mommy the lion up.
"Who are you and what are do you plan to do to me?
Who dat over there? I don't see too good yet. Is that a pumpkin or my dog?

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