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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Welcome Home Folks!

After being away from EGB for a wedding for the weekend, there were general concerns if our child would remember us. She thankfully did and told us all about her weekend with Jaden, the super-friend/nanny/nurse aka baby event planner. Ellie did more with her in 3 days then she's done with us in her whole life. EGB said it was a sweet time and is looking forward to some relaxation time with her parents. Hopefully we can get some pics of what happened when we were gone for all to see.

Welcome home Mom and Dad! Lets Par-Tay...

I love you so much I'm gonna bite your cheek.
Check to cheek. Gotta stay warm.
Cuddling is for sissies, you gotta bite something. EGB is a now a vicious toothless Piranha. Good thing she doesn't have teeth or Jay would be nose-less and cheek-less.

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