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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Subscribe to the EGB Blog.

I know you've been sitting there all day and night with your hand on the mouse hitting the "refresh" button over and over waiting for the next blog update. As of today, you will no longer have to do such a tedious thing. I've figured out a way to add an email subscription service to the blog! It is my understanding that if an update occurs to the blog, the service will send you all updates from that day by 1PM MST. Give it a try.

On the first page of the blog there is a box in the upper-left to enter your email. You will receive a confirmation email in which you must click the link to begin receiving updates.

It's all still getting worked out so my apologies in advance if there are any kinks with the subscription service. In the future, please report any issues to the outsourced EGB customer service center in India.

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