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Saturday, June 14, 2008

A message from Ellie....

Ellie woke up this morning and told me that the best thing about being a newborn is the presents she has received. She has requested that no one buy anything "un-fun" for mommy or daddy like breast pads or burp cloths. For example, here is a picture of her playing in her new interactive boppy wild-colored play station with light up moths and talking plastic objects that she received from her favorite cousins in Chicago--Allison, Al, Cara, and Jonah. Thanks she's fluent in Trigonometry, working on Italian, and is developing a way to levitate out of the crib with brain power.

Side note:

This blog entry just took 2 hours. Jay is taking a nap and I'm on Papa Dangerous duty. Of course, Ellie decided it was fuss-time so I pulled all my tricks out and spent 30 minutes trying to figure out how to put on a new shirt because she peed on the shirt she was wearing right as I pulled off the dirty diaper. Then she proceeded to test my baby relaxation tricks inventory (grand total of 2)...So I decided to expand my trick inventory to 3 by placing EGB in the car seat, put her in the stroller, and walked her around the kitchen. Like magic...she's sleeping.....for now.

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svgklingon said...

Lovin the Blog!!! I'll be a EGB regular.
~The Savage

Anonymous said...

Dave and Jay,

So glad you are recording these momentous events. Ellie is precious and we are so glad we can keep posted on the happenings in your household. And we have a blog also:
I think that is the address...
Well keep up the good work raising that munchkin! Love you guys,
Ellen, Davy, and our munchkins