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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Happy 1 Month Birthday EGB! Big Announcement!

This past Saturday at 4:25 AM we celebrated EGB's 1 month appearance on Planet Earth. I mention "Earth" because she has expressed her association with interplanetary species. Typically, when someone brings up the topic of their relationships to life forms on other planets, I'll ask if they know Tom Cruise. If they don't know him, I'll suggest that they should meet and walk in the other direction. If they do know him, I'll say nothing else and walk in the other direction. Fast.

Now, since this is my daughter we're talking about and I don't have the heart to walk away from her in her time of milky needs, I engaged her in the conversation. It went something like this-

"Soooooo.., Ellie....You are telling me you're from another planet?"

"Yes, Papa D. It's an amazing place where it rains milk and bears ride skateboards."

"Ummm. Ok. So are you really my daughter or were you sent here to single-handely destroy every diaper known to man?"

"Silly Papa D. Of course you're my daddy. I found you and mom on Craigslist and got a good deal on you both. Now take me to your leader!"

That's a relief. She's our daughter. However, I don't remember putting the ad up on Craigslist stating that we were willing to parent an alien, but weird things do happen with lack of sleep.

So I did what any father would do when told that his daughter is from another planet. Take video footage.

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