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Friday, June 13, 2008

Calvin and EGB.

A lot of people have been asking how are the dog, Calvin, and Ellie getting along. After a long heart-to-heart with all interested parties, issues such as daily walks and scheduled ball throwing were agreed upon by the union. Therefore, Calvin and Ellie are now tight and are in the early stages of bonding. Calvin has licked her feet and some crust off her face---that's dog for "I'm glad you're here. Lets team up and break things in the house together."

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Anonymous said...

PD and DQ

What is EGB whispering to Calvin in pic #2?! I must know immediately. This might be my favorite blog ever in the world and i hate blogs! good work family:) thoroughly amaz-amusing.

papadangerous said...

I think he's saying, "Let's run away to Mexico."

Anonymous said...

This is so freakin sweet you guys! Oh Calvin, what a good big brother!