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Wednesday, June 18, 2008


The little milk wizard hasn't been sleeping..

So we went to the Babies R Us a.k.a Baby-Supply-Store-Designed-To-Overwhelm-New-Parents-To-The-Point-Of-Desiring-To-Take-A-Vacation-To-A-Turkish-Prison and bought a battery-powered Tarzan rocker-swing. 30 minutes was spent reading assembly directions in 27 languages while trying to sneak in a dinner of leftovers with a side of leftovers.

Which reminds me, on the way to the Babies R Milk Fiends Store we decided to turn on the Radio China station on the satellite radio in hopes to encourage multi-lingualism for EGB. It appears to have worked. I think she just ordered some Mongolian Beef from the neighbor's phone.

Anyway, I put the metal parts together, cranked the rocker to a nice steady rotation, and let the batteries do their work. She's been asleep for 15 minutes now.

Glory B, Alla-kazam! The Milk Wizard is out...that is, until she realizes that we've tricked her and paid four Energizer C batteries to be her parents. When she comes to, she may come out swinging, but I will sure to immobilize her with a double-shot of milk to protect you all from her fury.

Good night.

Looks like she's smuggling a turtle.....

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