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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Babies and wine bottles. Yes, babies do whine and yes, that may cause Papa Dangerous to want to drink a few bottles of wine. However, parenthood and drinking bottles of wine don't mix. Unless, of course, its Passover and then it's time to break out the Maneshevitz and party like it's Bar Mitzvah season. Regardless, it dawned on me today that we've been holding Ellie in pictures like a restaurant server would hold a bottle of wine.

The server says, "Excuse me madame, is this the baby you ordered? We have an excellent baby here from Colorado. She's a 2007 which was a splendid year for baby making. Aged approximately 9 months to be served on May 31, 2008. You'll take her? Great! The manager will be happy to see these babies selling so well."

Today's Selections:

Grandpa Alan with an excellent 2008 EGB.

"Uncle" Mike with a wonderful 2008 EGB
Papa Dangerous with the freshest 2008 EGB available.
Some guy in Hoboken with a bottle of Boones Farm. It's no EGB. Not even close.

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davyellen17 said...

I laughed out loud.