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Monday, June 23, 2008

Nursing in the park..

Anyone with a kid knows this story:

You're out. Baby's hungry. It's hot out. Baby is crying in car seat. Dad is sweating. Mom is inside running errand. Dad finds shady spot next to a tree to park car. Mom takes longer than expected. Dad turns the radio up. Baby cries a primal scream. Dad turns radio down. Dad changes diaper in back of car. Cop pulls up. Dad sweats some more. Dad thinks about bad things he did when he was a kid. Cop says car can't be parked in no-parking zone. Dad cries and avoids ticket. Mom comes to rescue. Feed baby in the park. Mission accomplished.

"Gimme dat milk or I'll doo-doo"
"Dang, this park is bright. I need some shades up in here."
"Gimme your cellphone. I'm gonna call the Dairy Queen for a triple-whole-milk-latte"

"Thank you for visiting my you gots to leave. Milk coma-out"

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