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Monday, November 3, 2008

Hey All....We're Back and Badder!

Have no fear, the massive computer issues have been resolved.....

Hmmm. It's a beautiful new day of Barack-o-Promise. Not intending to make the EGB blog a political platform, but there is something primordial at work here. There has been an intentional resistance on my behalf to suppress any grand emotional attachment to the Obama campaign. I've always been wary and suspect of group thought. But today it's not about politics--it's a glimpse at the core of the human condition. Obama restores a faith in humanity that I believe has been lost in the shuffle of rugged individualism. We are happier as a family. The American Family. And I'm content for now....and only if it is for a moment--I'm better for today. I tried to explain this to EGB, but she farted and bit her toe. Kids.

So let's get down to it. You want Halloween pics? Here they are--don't be afraid of the man holding EGB the ladybug--it's me in my work clothes. There should be more pics, but EGB got sweaty in her costume and proceeded to fight the neighborhood kids over what she presumed to be a robbery of her candy.

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