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Monday, November 10, 2008

EGB On Rice

Whoah! Whoah? Whatchu mean "on rice"? "Is that some crazy new drug that kids are into?" "I told you not to let EGB go to the mall by herself!"

Slow down. This is a big moment in the great EGB's life. She has decided that there is to be more to her diet then warm milk. If it was up to me, I'd say she should have warm milk until she's got a job. And then she can go buy whatever she wants. But it's not up to me. She woke up on Tuesday and requested some rice cereal. Yes, rice cereal--the blandest thing on earth other than air and an interview with Brad Pitt.

So we mixed up a bowl, put on a bib (which EGB tried to swallow whole), and fed her some whipped rice meal. I'm not sure "fed" is the appropriate term as you'll see from the following video--it's more like we painted mush on her face and she pretended to eat it. Much like a one-way food fight.

I guess we're on our way to an Indian buffet by Saturday to plump this baby up. You know what they say, "Feed a baby an Indian buffet and they'll go to college when they're 6". Or maybe it's,...."they'll blow up the nursery with a 6 pound diaper". I read it somewhere.

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