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Monday, November 17, 2008

Weekend Action--Hellos, Goodbyes, and Just Lookin Good

The Hello-- Uncle Mikey paid the Great EGB a visit this weekend. She was very pleased with his development and thinks he'll be talking in no time. Uncle Mikey thinks EGB looks creepily too much like her father which makes him uncomfortable holding her. I think he'll get over it. Thanks for the visit and looking forward to the next one.

Uncle Mikey say, "I'm holding a little Dave. That's weird. I've never held Dave. And why is he wearing a dress?"

EGB say, "Uncle Mikey, it's me the Great EGB. Have no fear, unlike my daddy, I have superpowers that will protect you from bears and Russians."

The Goodbye--Aunt Haley (just in case you're wondering, these aren't real aunts/uncles in the blood way. It's more like an Italian mobster thing) has shipped herself off to the wild wild Charleston, SC. EGB helped her pack and tried to sneak into the UHaul. We'll miss her....and will always have a room in our basement awaiting her return.

This really isn't a smile. It's an EGB spell. If you stare at this picture for 5 minutes without blinking, Aunt Haley will arrive at your front door with a bottle of warm milk and a side of mashed avocados.

On to Lookin Good--EGB decided today was the day to rock some tights and a beenie. She was dressed to the 9s and lookin sharp. Sometimes I wish that someone would come to my house, open my dresser, and make me look as good as EGB....
I'm styling. I'm happy. I'm so layered that changing my diaper will be like getting warm Saran Wrap off a bowl of hot honey.
Rock this chair, I'm ready to rock.

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