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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Jammin On The Activity Set

Whoever invented the baby activity center deserves a medal. Thank you for entertaining my super active baby for 5 minutes while I surf the web. What did parents do before the activity center? It's like life before the computer, hot coffee, or when Angelina Jolie had only 19 kids....unimaginable.

Picture this. My life before the activity center---type one letter on keyboard, baby rolls to a dangerous area, reposition baby, type another letter on keyboard, baby throws rattle and barfs get it. Life after activity center--type an entire email, smile at baby, baby smiles is good. Plus EGB is learning highly advanced things like--if you touch something that will move. Or if you push a button it will make something happen. Oh yeah, high level stuff going on up in EGB household.

Ummmm. Not sure about all these buttons, lizards, wheels.....

Ah man..this is awesome. I'm like a drummer who beats on fake birds and spits on plastic.

Hee hee...I could do this for like 3 minutes without getting bored and throwing a tantrum. Then I'm gonna get bored and throw a tantrum.

Spin the wheel.... spin the wheel again...again..again
That was sick. I want to do it again in 30 minutes when I forget about what I just did 30 minutes ago.

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