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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Please Don't Panic

What's the world coming to? No blog entries in a week?!?!? I know, I take partial responsibility for the economic crisis that has ensued as a result.

But the reality is that we had major computer problems. So major that our computer would be better served as a doormat. I have plans to drive over the hard drive this weekend. Needless to say we are in transition. Thankfully our pictures are safe....and you are safe as long as EGB is here to protect you.
Since there are no new pictures...I've got some flashbacks.
My favorite picture....EGB aka Marshmallow Face
My dream car.

Life before EGB....gone camping with our first son. The furry one.

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Anonymous said...

What an insanely adorable baby. I can't wait to meet EGB. I'll probably call her EGB.
Dave, you crack me up. I hope she's celebrating the VICTORY of our newly elected prez with ya'll.
Will, Liam, Tess, Charlie and I are totally stoked.
Jay, I miss you so much. Come on up to visit this winter and take a few runs down Snowbowl with me. They've opened up some new terrain!
The kiddos are growing up. I'm back at And so happy.
Thanks for all the fine work on your blog. It's very fun to check out. What a FANTASTIC family!!!
Luv Kate