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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Watch Out...It's An Upright Baby

You know what they say, "Once a baby is upright. They can sit up without support of their neck and stare at inanimate objects for a really long time." Oh, how right they are. We got this new "chair" which is basically a spongy booster seat. I think it's made in S. Africa where they obviously are known for making baby toys and carjackings. Regardless, EGB loves the the seat and spends approximately 15 minutes in it staring at Calvin before she falls forward and tries to eat the arm of the seat.

Ooooh hooo. This seat is sweet.

Calvin! Stop tickling my toes!! If I could get out of this seat I'd spank you.

Fee Fi Fo Fum......
I'm a gangster. Don't make me shake my rattle at you.
These toys stink. I'm think I'm gonna gnaw on my finger now.

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