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Friday, September 5, 2008

Mixed Pics

We got back from Buffalo to discover that EGB can fully roll over now. Its hilarious because it takes her 30 minutes to do a full rotation and when she's on her belly her head sways like Stevie Wonder. I saw her do 2 rotations, in which she worked herself to exhaustion. I'm trying to catch it all on video, but it takes too long. Now we're working on walking. The whole crawling thing first is really not necessary. Baby boot camp is in session.

This has nothing to do with EGB other than the fact that we were at Niagara Falls and EGB was creating Niagara Falls in her diaper.
I like this pic. It puts it all in perspective. I hope to guide her though life and know that she won't be able to hold my hand like this forever. By the way, notice the empty bag of light cheddar puffs in the background? Crushed the whole bag. "Light Cheddar Puffs" are no Cheetos.
Laughing it up on the hammock. I realized that the reason EGB is always laughing when I take a picture is because I must be funny looking. Maybe I need a haircut.
Hiding from you and that big dog that always licks me with his funky tongue.
Getting colder out here....time to break out the body suits.

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