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Monday, September 8, 2008

And The Season Begins....

Ok, by now if you've checked the box scores you know that the beloved Cincinnati Bengals lost the opener to the Baltimore Ravens. Now, that's nothing new as the Bengals have been losing for.....oh...about 20 years. But for my Baltimore family who were rooting for the opposition made EGB cry. Sleep on that.

We dressed up in preparation for the opening game today in all our Bengal regalia to show our support in hopes that dressing a 13 week old baby in Colorado will have an affect on the game in Baltimore. What, you say? "You're raising EGB to be a Bengals fan?!?!" "You're going to subject her to a life of misery?!!" "Pain?!?!" "Victimization, Shame, Embarrassment?!?!" I know...but before you call Child Protective Services on the grounds of child endangerment, please hear me out. I want to teach EGB that nothing in life is easy. Trials and tribulations are what help define us as people. Being a Bengals fan is an affliction of biblical proportions. She must overcome. Plus I need someone to eat chicken wings with and drink a beer (in 21 years) with on Sundays.

Game time. Lets go Bengals. If you don't win I'm gonna poop.

Starting Outside Linebacker..... Hailing from The University of Little Feet...Number 1 EGB!

Touchdown Bengals! Where's the halftime snacks? How about a milk break? Milkboy!

Who Dey! Who Dey! Who Dey!

Long game. I'm gonna cry now. Nap time for all. Get em next week.

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