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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Da. Da. Daaa! Introducing a New Legend!

Welome to the wild world, Isaac Alexander Bohrman Mulcahey!! See if you can say that quickly 6 times in a row without your head exploding or your tongue vaporizing. Hailing from the great Windy City of Chicago we welcome you. We are excited to have our 1st nephew, 1st cousin for EGB, and 1st male legend on the Bohrman side. Congrats to sis Rebecca and awesome brother-in-law Dave on their rock-solid addition to the Midwest. Looks like he's gonna be a champion.

"Welcome Cuzin Isaak". I'm EGB. I'm your cuz. I've got some advice for you. Scream when you are hungry. Scream when you got a dirty diaper. Scream when you want to party. When all else fails scream. If you have any questions just page me. I hope you get a blog so we can blog it up together. When you and I get older I plan to show you how to sneak out of the house and terrorize the neighbors.
I'm Isaac. I'm contemplating how to order some deep dish pie up in here. However, I'll settle for hot milk with a side of cookies.

I got shoe-socks like my cuz EGB. I'm all muscle too! Can't wait to meet everyone...

Hot Dang! Got me some feet!

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Rebecca said...

The little guy can't wait to meet his big cousin!