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Monday, September 22, 2008

The Latest and Greatest

Here we are coming up on 4 months in the wild world of EGB. Some things have changed--social life (none), knowledge of breast pumps (lots), sleep (nope), laundry (buy new socks instead of washing), camera batteries (many times), and wife (now mother).

Some things have not--hair (EGB still has none), Bengals (still suck), undying love and devotion to EGB (tested, but still strong), job (still have one), and fatherhood (still not moved to Mexico).

It's a highly recommended experience. EGB could be one of the happiest babies I've ever seen. I only know a few and EGB is a legend. Still no job, but I believe that once she learns how to read she will be the Chairman of The Federal Reserve and lead us all out of financial crisis. Just my intuition.

Sometimes I take a picture, look at it, and go "Wow, is that really my offspring?". Look at this googly-eyed milk monster....Hide your children--EGB is coming to swallow your eggs.

Hee Hee. Do you think if I chew on my finger long enough milk will come out?
This is what EGB looks like when you wake her up with a camera in her face. Not very nice of me, but damn funny to see that confused face. Notice the crib burn on the left cheek from the constant 360s on the sheets. I'm wondering if there would be a market for my new invention, "Cheek Guards" to protect the sensitive cheeks of babies? Any interest? Venture Capital? I've got other ideas....

I'm so happy I'm gonna slap you.
Um....Papa D? Are you sure you know how to change a diaper? You just put diaper ointment in my ear.
I'm reading about psychedelic chickens who walk in the woods talking to trees. Far out. Legalize all milk products!
Calvin getting the basket all warmed up for EGB. I think at times he's not sure about our new addition to the pack. To reassure him that he's the man--I still tell him that he's our first son. The furry son. The Dairy Queen tells EGB that Calvin is her brother. I disagree, my research indicates that he's really a cousin....on his mother's side. That's the side that came through Ellis Island. Russian. They tend to be hairy.

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