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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Fall Hiking With Wild Baby Wonderful

The seasons are changing. The leaves are changing. The diapers are changing....not by themselves, but with our trusty hands. This wasn't always the case. After several "accidentally" loosely applied diapers in the middle of the night to only find a toxic waste dump in the morning and an updated tutorial/scolding from the Dairy Queen I've managed to get the baby bottom wrapping down tight. I'm confident now that I could diaper a mouse, monkey, and a raisin if needed. FYI-Diaper makers. You must have taken a page out of the "Now You Are A New Parent and Must Figure Things Out On Your Own" lesson plan. No instructions on the diapers? Come on. Help a brother out. Maybe I'll start a revolutionary product called -Diapers With Instructions--Helping keep babies and moms from blowing up on men since 2008.

Moving along...We took cousin Calvin, the human milk pump aka EGB, and our semi-grown selves hiking. Let me just say this-hiking with an infant is different from hiking without one. Suffice to say, this is the general rule for all activities as of late, but hiking presented some unique challenges. First of all, contrary to my expectations--EGB can't walk, levitate, or fly....yet. Therefore, she needs to be strapped into a holding device that is loaded with pads, straps, and fabric--much like my high school prom date. Unlike my prom date, EGB is 25" tall and must be carried for the entire hike. Which essentially eliminates the "hiking" part of the hike.

However, even though EGB's face was smushed in between the Dairy Queen's "milk dispensers" for 3 hours, and that she cried for the first mile and half while sleeping for the remaining 3 miles....she seems to enjoy the great outdoors. She is a friend to bears, lions, and trees.

Off we go. Locked, strapped, and restrained.

Pit stop--reload on milk. Fill er up.
Calvin--the first son and hiker extraordinaire.

The aspens are changing EGB. Wake up. Yoo Hoo....see the leaves? ok then, sleep away.

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Anonymous said...

I'm missing it just looking at it. Jay, some of my favorite memories with you are from that trail. Jealous, jealous, that's what I am! Also, did I mention that Ellie is quite possibly one of the happiest critters I have ever seen. She is precious.