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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Saturday Trips To The Market

For the past two Saturdays, I've been letting the Dairy Queen sleep in while I spend some quality time with the milk monster. I once called this "babysitting" but was swiftly corrected by the mommy-hood coalition of the world that this is NOT babysitting which is a paid service provided by neither the mother or father. Since I've yet to see any compensation for my services, I guess I'm not babysitting. I'm actually spending quality time with my daughter who seems happy with my services so far...for free.

We've been heading over to the Golden farmers market which actually has only 3 farmers and I think only 2 of them actually farm. The 3rd looks like they hijacked a Safeway truck and are peddling the goods, black market style. I say this because at farmers markets I always creep around back of the booths to see the boxes that the produce comes in....sometimes it's in Spanish--which usually means something I don't understand. So I don't think they're farm fresh goods from Mexico. Also, there are doughnut stands, taco booths, cookies, and painted wine glasses which have all perplexed me as fitting in as farmed goods.

Regardless, with the Farmers market analysis aside, the place has been a hit. After doing 5 laps and purchasing a muffin, sampling salsas/cream cheese/apples/peaches/doughnuts, and avoiding the sun, we walk along the creek until EGB doo-doos or throws some kind of fit. Then we walk over to the car, change out of the soiled gear, and roll home to get a topper on some milk for the morning.

Hmmm. I'm not sure if I should get the raspberry scone or organic milk. Papa, I'll take some warm milk, please.

Sitting on the park bench with all my friends...wait, where my friends? Gotta pop that collar though.
Happy to be out of that dang car restraining system. Jeez, I hope the next president frees the strapped babies everywhere.
Freeeeee Meeeeee!
This market is wild.

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