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Monday, October 6, 2008

Weekend Recap

This past weekend had some of the same properties as last weekend. Farmers market--except this time Jay went. Hike--different place and EGB cried at the end instead of the beginning of the hike.

However, Papa Dangerous got a night out with some guys on Friday (thanks to wonderful supportive wife). I liken this situation to eating extremely spicy food--it's great when you are eating it (if you're into this sort of thing), but you'll pay the price later (details left out intentionally). The point is that EGB still woke up at 6:30AM with no regard for the fact that her Papa needed at least 8 MORE hours of sleep. Oh well, nothing a few cups of strong coffee couldn't fix.

Showing off some more of that fine EGB wine.

Mama's turn at holding the "prop". She does look like a bald spider monkey. A cute one.

Cue the music. I just wanna dance.

Those cheeks were made for kissin and storing coconuts for the winter.
Woah. It's windy and high up here. Is that a Dairy Queen down there? Let's roll!!
I said Extra-Extra-Small...not Large. Dang, you guys don't know how to shop for me. At least it's warm and shows off my rosy cheeks.
Breaking out. Arm free!

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Genevieve King said...



(thanks KATE!)


Miss J.... it's GENEVIEVE!

J and D...

I can't even begin to tell you how happy I am for you. Welcome to the joyous and profound club of parenthood.

Can't wait to catch up!